North America

Pacific Northwest


Notable Territories: Oregon (U.S.), Washington [state] (U.S.), and British Columbia (B.C.)

9 Day Trip Summary

Day 1: Meet with other travelers and a tour guide for an opening dinner at a luxury hotel in Portland, where you will spend two nights.

Day 2: Journey from the Columbia River Gorge Drive to Crown Point. Then, discover Vista House before touring Multnomah Falls. Later, try a couple of beer samples when meeting a brew master.

Day 3: Visit the CGG (Chihuly Garden & Glass) exhibit, OR the SSN (Seattle Space Needle) prior to staying two nights at a Seattle hotel.

Day 4: Try some high quality seafood at a fine-dining restaurant.

Day 5: Enjoy a dinner that is fresh, and made with locally grown ingredients. Spend two nights at a Victoria (BC, CAN) hotel.

Day 6: Discover some of the best culinary dishes and wines in Victoria (BC, CAN).

Day 7: Visit the RBCM (Royal British Columbia Museum) for a conversation about the First Nations. Journey from Victoria (BC, CAN) to Vancouver (BC, CAN) by seaplane. Explore what Vancouver (BC, CAN) has to offer by visiting Stanley Park, English Bay, and GIPM (Granville Island Public Market). Stay two nights at a Vancouver (BC, CAN) hotel.

Day 8: Enjoy a closing dinner at a Steakhouse.

Day 9: Depart Vancouver (BC, CAN), and head back home.

Eastern U.S. and Canada


Territories/States: Quebec, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire

Cities: Montreal (QUE), New York City (NY), Woodstock (VT), Whitefield (NH)

10 Day Trip

1) Join a tour guide for an opening dinner before staying overnight at a Montreal hotel.

2) Try some homemade dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients. Spend two nights at a Quebec City hotel.

3) Enjoy a nice picnic, which includes flavored treats.

4) Have some lunch and get to know how cheese and cider are made in Quebec City before staying two nights at a Whitefield resort.

5) Taste some quality food and wine while dining at the resort.

6) Explore what Vermont has to offer, and have a great dinner and wine at a Lake George resort, where travelers will spend two nights.

7) Discover the background of Vanderbilt's Great Camp Sagamore while having lunch.

8) Take a tour of Hyde Park and the Culinary Institute of America, and have a wonderful lunch made from locally grown ingredients. Enjoy a two-night stay at a New York hotel.

9) Have a closing dinner at a luxury New York restaurant.

10) Head to JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark Airport before arriving home.