Capital: Canberra

Notable Cities/Sites: Sydney, Great Barrier Reef

13 Day Australia Trip

1) Join a tour guide at a Cairns restaurant for an opening dinner, followed by a three night stay at a Cairns Resort.

2) Enjoy lunch in Daintree village.

3) Head on a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef.

4)Take a flight to Uluu from Cairns, where travelers will meet a tour guide to explore Walpa Gorge. Enjoy some wine while taking a view of Kata Tjuta's rocky domes before spending two nights at a resort in Uluu. 

5) Enjoy a quiet dinner under a sky full of stars.

6) Explore Curtin Springs Station while getting to know the lifestyle from a Kings Canyon resident. Have a nice barbecue lunch. Stay overnight at Kings Canyon Resort.

7) Have a barbecue dinner near a Campfire in Alice Springs prior to spending the night at a hotel in Alice Springs.

8) Start the day attending a Flight Academy. Then, take a flight to Sydney, where travelers will stay overnight at a contemporary hotel.

9) Have a great dinner with co-travelers before spending the night at a Blue Mountains Resort.

10) Enjoy wine tasting at one of Australia's best wineries prior to lunch. Stay overnight at a Hunter Valley boutique.

11) Experience a great ship ride with a talented sailing crew. Discover looks over downtown Sydney while cruising along the Opera House, and under the Harbor Bridge.

12) Visit the Sydney Opera House. Enjoy a closing dinner at a Sydney restaurant.

13) Following breakfast, take a flight departing Sydney back home.