Spain and Portugal


Capitals: Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal)

Notable Cities: Evora (Portugal); Seville, Valencia, Granada, and Barcelona (Spain)

13 Day Trip

1) Enjoy dinner at Restaurant Maritim before spending two nights at a Barcelona hotel. 

2) Taste some Catalan dishes while browsing across Barcelona.

3) A native chef will make a well-known Valencian dish worth craving for. Spend the rest of the night at a Valencia hotel once dinner concludes.

4) Follow a tour guide to the Alhambra Palace and water gardens built in the 1200s. Go out for dinner on a plaza, OR stay at a heritage hotel (where travelers will stay overnight).

5) Go on a journey to Córdoba while taking a nice look at the Old Roman Bridge. Discover a wonderful piece of an Islamic building design when visiting the marvelous Mezquita with a tour guide. End the day with a stay at a contemporary hotel in Seville, where travelers will be spending 3 nights.

6) Have a nice dinner at a fine-dining restaurant, along with a performance from a guitarist. 

7) Experience Andalusian flavors during a Spanish cooking session. Know the culinary skills used to make well-known Spanish dishes. Enjoy the Spanish meal created, along with a glass of wine.

8) Watch an art performance while having a Portuguese dinner before spending two nights at a Lisbon hotel.

9) Journey along Belém Quarter with a tour guide. Visit the Jerónimos Monastery, and visualize the amazing architecture.

10) Discover an Évora winery, and understand the steps of wine making. Try the created wine after learning how to make it. Enjoy dinner and wine at a local restaurant during the evening.

11) Visit the Roman Ruins in Mérida. Explore farm lands and the Roman theater, where historic plays have been performed. Discover Extremadura landscapes before arriving in Madrid, where travelers will stay two nights at a Madrid hotel.

12) Experience life in the center of Madrid. Join an art-historian, and adventure inside an art museum, while seeing some of the best art in the world. Have a closing dinner at a bar and restaurant during the evening.

13) Say goodbye to Spain, and head to Madrid Barajas Airport before heading back home.