Central Europe


Notable Countries: Poland, Slovakia, Austria

Notable Capitals: Prague (CZE), Budapest (HUN)

13 Day Trip

1) Follow the tour guide for an opening dinner at a restaurant known for historic views, quality food and hospitality. Stay two nights in a Prague hotel.

2) Visit Prague Castle (in Czech Republic) with a tour guide. Discover St. Vitus Cathedral, followed by a walk to the Old Town Square. Explore Prague's Jewish Quarter later in the day.

3) Stroll along with a tour guide, and explore the streets of Český Krumlov. End the day by spending the night at a Český Krumlov hotel.

4) Head over to Austria, and take a journey along the Melk Abbey. Explore the elegant Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. End the day with a two-night stay in a Vienna hotel. 

5) Enjoy a dinner at a five-star restaurant in Vienna. 

6) Enjoy a dinner at a popular Hungarian restaurant, while trying some native food with a glass of wine. End the day with a three-night stay in a Budapest hotel.

7) See how pastries are crafted when visiting the First Strudel House of Pest. Try a sample after a demonstration is completed.

8) Journey along the Aquincum Roman remains to Szentendre, where travelers will explore a village with colorful homes, well-designed churches, and wonderful art galleries.

9) Select from a variety of local restaurants in Kraków to dine-in during the night.

10) Follow a tour guide to discover the cathedral in Wawel Hill.

11) Look back at some WWII history when visiting Auschwitz. Explore the Jasna Góra Monastery in Czẹstochowa. Go to Warsaw, and take a look at some renewed architecture, dark history, and fun café culture. Before touring Warsaw with a tour guide, check-in at a Warsaw hotel, and spend two nights there. 

12) Have a closing dinner and wine to celebrate an exciting trip.

13) Say goodbye to Central Europe after breakfast, and head to Warsaw airport before going back home.