Croatia and Montenegro

Croatia & Montenegro


Notable Cities: Tivat (MON), Zagreb (CRO)

Notable Sites: Plitvice Lakes National Park (CRO), 

Boka Bay (MON)

12 Day Trip

1) Meet with a tour guide for an opening dinner at a Dubrovnik restaurant before staying two nights at a hotel in Dubrovnik. 

2) Follow a tour guide for a journey along Dubrovnik. Meet jewelry makers, who use their knowledge and skills to craft Dubrovnik's most coveted items. Discover Dubrovnik via cruise, or explore well-known sites.

3) Taste some of the best red wines Montenegro has to offer at a winery. Enjoy an afternoon lunch, and crave wonderful farm-to-table dishes. Spend the night at a Montenegro village (Tivat).

4) Explore Kotor with a tour guide, and stroll along alleyways and boutiques. Resume the journey in Perast, and get on a boat to discover Our Lady of the Rocks Island. Stay two nights at a Tivat hotel.

5) Stay in the hotel, enjoy a massage, spend some time in the pool, and take a stroll near Boka Bay.

6) Taste some wonderful seafood when visiting Ston. Later, spend time with a wine expert while taking samples of red and white wine. Spend two nights at a hotel in Split.

7) Dine-in at a Mediterranean restaurant.

8) Discover the fishing village of Petrčane before staying two nights at a Petrčane hotel.

9) Enjoy a nice dinner, along with a glass of wine.

10) Discover Plitvice Lakes National Park while on a boat with a tour guide prior to arriving in Korana Canyon. Spend two nights at a Zagreb hotel. 

11) Enjoy a closing dinner with a tour guide at one of the best restaurants in Zagreb.

12) Head to Zagreb airport, and take a flight back home.