Capital: Rome

Notable Cities/Towns: Venice and Perugia

12-16 Day Trip

1) Head to Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome. From there, arrive in a Rome hotel, where travelers will spend two nights. End the day by meeting a tour guide to explore the stunning streets, and have an opening dinner in a state of the art restaurant.

2) Go on a private tour of the Vatican Museums, and see some historical art pieces. 

3) Make a visit to Pompeii with a tour guide, and get to know how the town's citizens live their day-to-day lives. Get on a boat at the Bay of Naples, and depart to the Isle of Capri. From there, commute via taxi to a Capri hotel, where travelers will stay for two nights. 

4) Enjoy a Mediterranean flavored lunch near the Gulf of Naples.

5) Visit Assisi with a tour guide, and explore the Basilica of St. Francis. Move along with a tour guide to Perugia, and stroll on the Corso Vannucci before getting to the heart of the city. Spend the night at a Perugia hotel.

6) Explore a vineyard, where a wine guru discusses different grape options in wine and offers wine samples. During lunch, enjoy a Tuscan style meal while experiencing a nice look of the countryside. After lunch, go to San Gimignano, and try some great gelato. End the day by staying three nights in a Florence hotel. 

7) Have dinner inside a villa, which includes a Tuscan beefsteak.

8) Get to experience more Tuscan flavor by being alongside a professional chef, taking cooking lessons, and Tuscan cooking concepts.

9) Travel near the Cinque Terre. From there, join a tour guide to discover a wonderful image of Manarola, as travelers take a ride to Monterosso's medieval section and famous beach. After having lunch, take a ride on a train to Rapallo, where travelers will be spending the night at a historic hotel.

10) Ride a water taxi on the Grand Canal to a  Venice hotel, where travelers will stay two nights. Later, explore Doge's Palace with a tour guide, and witness the background, art, and culture of Venice.

11) Enjoy a wine and dinner celebration of the trip.

12) Go to Venice Marco Polo Airport, and head home.

12-16) For those with an extended trip, continue the journey to Paris by train, where travelers will spend the last two nights in a contemporary hotel.