Capital: Paris

Notable Cities/Towns: Arles and Monte Carlo

10 Day Trip

1) Enjoy an opening dinner with gorgeous views of the Seine River and Eiffel Tower. Stay three nights at a heritage hotel in Paris.

2) Take a trip to multiple boutique shops with a French food expert.

3) Have a traditional French dinner inside a wonderful Paris home. 

4) Enjoy a dinner, which features in-season dishes. Spend three nights at an Arles hotel.

5) Follow the tour guide on a journey across Arles. Move across the Rhône River to tour the well-known Arles Amphitheater. Discover one of the greatest preserved Roman aqueducts in the Pont du Gard. Take a look at Van Gogh's career defining art work, OR dine-in at a stellar restaurant.

6) Choose from a variety of flavors when obtaining samples of oils, jams, and spreads. Enjoy a delicious lunch at a restaurant. 

7) Take an expedition to Château La Coste, where travelers can either view several pieces of artwork while strolling along hilltops and valleys (with a tour guide), OR understand how wine is created through a step-by-step approach prior to trying the best selling wine. Visit the Principality of Monaco at the end of the day before spending three nights at a historic hotel.

8) Follow a tour guide to explore Monaco. Discover the Grand Prix, where pro racing events are held. Visit the Royal Palace, and the Cathedral in Monaco prior to touring the rest of the town. 

9) Enjoy a closing dinner near the French Riviera. 

10) Transfer to Nice Airport after breakfast, and head home.