Capital: Moscow

Notable Sites: Hermitage Museum, Grand Kremlin Palace

8-22 Day Trip

1) Have an opening dinner with a tour guide at a St. Petersburg restaurant prior to spending four nights at a St. Petersburg hotel.

2) Visit St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral while learning St. Petersburg's religious culture.

3) Discover the Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood. From there, explore the Faberge Museum, where amazing art work is displayed. Wrap up the day with a visit to The Hermitage Museum with a tour guide.

4) Enjoy delicious Russian dishes during dinner time at an upscale restaurant.

5) Try some tasty Moscow meals at a Moscow hotel, and stay there for three nights.

6) Take a journey to the Kremlin Royal Apartments, Kremlin Armory, and Red Square. Discover St. Basil's Cathedral, and its stunning outer view. Stroll to the Bolshoi Theater for a backstage visit during the evening.

7) Have a nice dinner on a cruise while looking at the sights and sounds of Moscow.

8) For most travelers, this will mark the end of the trip. As for others, spend the night at a Moscow hotel.*

9-22) Take an 11-day train ride from Moscow to Vladivostok. After the journey, head to Vladivostok International Airport before arriving back home.*

*22 Day Trip only.